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Every author aspires to receive international recognition among the world’s top publishing professionals. The most effective way to present your book to hundreds of publishers worldwide is to present it at an international book fair, where top publishers, distributors and literary agents meet, in order to choose the books they will represent in their respective countries. We will be there for you, represent you actively and comprehensively and make sure that the world’s top publishers are exposed to your book.

What does this include?
  • A meeting of the creative team and discussion about how to best market your book at the fair.

  • Inclusion of your book in the international catalogue in any language you choose.

  • A marketing lecture about your book at an international fair.

  • Exposure of your printed book at the international fair.

  • Professional representation by a marketing professional at an international fair.

  • Distribution in Israel and world-wide.

What Will You Receive?
  • A lecture event about your book will take place at the fair, in which your content will be presented to a varied audience consisting of the world’s top publishers, distributors, and literary agents.

  • The benefit of Contento’s  long term relationships with a variety of publishers of different genres from different countries, in order to increase the potential of the book’s success.

  • Exposure of the author and the book in the international publishing community.

  • Use of international exposure to improve the book’s local marketing potential and its sale in the local market.

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+972 55-663-4237

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