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A personal video interview is a wonderful, personal way to voice what the book’s creator has to say and to expose his or her personality and messages to a potential target audience. We will carry out a video interview with you in a TV studio and we will bring your personal story to the viewers, together with the added value of in-depth documentation. We have many years of experience in creating interviews with authors, and many of them have appeared on major world media channels. We will distribute the video interview in a large number of channels, with the aim of exposing your book in a wide distribution and making it the focus of much attention.

What does this include?
  • A creative meeting to discuss the book’s content and its author.

  • Creating marketing videos based on a professional and personal interview in a TV studio, through Skype, up to 10 minutes.

  • A professional producer will lead the process in dialogues with relevant significant professionals in the TV industry experienced in prime time broadcasting.

  • Creating the video content.

  • Make-up, photography and recording an interview of a few minutes with the author.

  • Creating cassettes, mixes, graphics and master copies.

  • Distributing the marketing videos on the publisher’s Internet TV channel.



What Will You Receive?


  • A personal, documentary interview, which will be presented as high quality content online and will assist in promoting the book and its author.

  • Exposure and distribution of the video on a high quality content channel, which is a significant platform for writers and their books.

  • Close, professional, service given by an advisory team whose expertise is marketing books.

  • Reporting on the progress of the stages of production.

  • A  team headed by Netanel Semrik, a Galei Tzahal (the IDF's radio station) professional who has led thousands of writers in the processes of publishing  for 25 years – marketing content on the radio, prime time TV, printed media, book stores and digital media.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

Success! Message received.

+1 646-583-0072

+972 55-663-4237

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