FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT Cinema as an Act of Love

Title: FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT Cinema as an Act of Love
Author: Aner Preminger
Page Count: 106
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-495-8

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    Aner Preminger, renowned filmmaker, scholar and professor of film studies, provides an unexpected and refreshing overview of Franחois Truffaut's films, from the perspective of his long and varied career in the art of filmmaking. Preminger introduces readers to theories rarely applied to the cinema, based on the inter-relationships between diverse works of art and the ensuing dialogues between artists. In clear and comprehensible terms, Preminger provides a re-examination of Truffaut, an artist who conducted a vibrant and lively dialogue with his cultural heritage.
    Franחois Truffaut: Cinema as An act of love - An intertextual approach includes illuminating and spellbinding interpretations of Truffaut's better-known films, such as The 400 Blows, Jules and Jim and Day for Night, which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1974, as well as his lesser-known films, including Shoot the Piano Player and Love on the Run and reveals outlooks new to Truffaut studies.
    Franחois Truffaut: Cinema as An act of love - An intertextual approach will appeal to the numerous viewers who love and enjoy Truffaut's films and also to those not yet familiar with his oeuvre. This is a book about a man who loved films, and every chapter bears witness to the author's love for Truffaut's films and the world he constructs therein.
    Preminger's previous book, Enchanted Screen, A Chronology of Media and Language, published by the Open University, dealt with the h

  • About the Author

    Aner Preminger

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