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Gusty My Beloved

Gusty My Beloved

Title: Gusty My Beloved
Author: Jack Toren
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-202-2
Page count: 346
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  • About the Book

    Gusty is everyone’s story. It speaks to us all. Gusty appears, disappears and reappears, fresh and full of energy to continue her struggle. She leads you, by herself or using the people around her, all through the plot. She reminds you of interesting things that have happened to you, to your relatives, to your friends and to your acquaintances. She presents you with historical events that have left their mark on the world throughout the generations; some of them you may have been witness to, others you have probably heard or read about, but may have forgotten.
    She has the power to reveal the giant mosaic of humanity, of faraway lands and nations.

  • About the Author

    Jack Toren 

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