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Letters to My Angel

Letters to My Angel

Title: Letters to My Angel – Happy Children in a Sensory World
Author: Talya Birkhan
Page Count: 442
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-004-2

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  • About the Book

    Letters to my Angel is the diary of Ray, a special boy diagnosed with Sensory Modulation Disorder (SMD) at age 3. Sensory Modulation Disorder is an imbalance of the sensory system that results in a weakened or amplified response to stimuli. This affects the individual’s ability to appropriately respond and cope with day-to-day life.

    Ray is an eight-year-old boy who writes letters to his imaginary angel to help him live with the disorder. Through these letters, Ray searches for coping strategies to achieve sensory balance within the constraints imposed by his condition.

    Ray records his life from age two and a half, when he began to talk and became aware of his interactions with the world around him. In this moving diary, Ray returns to his life experiences in his domestic and school environments, while describing the path he had to travel as a child with SMD. His observations are a fascinating combination of the rational, emotional and spiritual facets of life.

    This unique book is dedicated to all people who love children and other people.  It is especially dedicated to those involved in dealing with children having SMD:  Parents, teachers, educators, counselors, psychologists and social workers.  It provides insights and practical advice, to help the child at home and outside, to talk and listen to them and understand their special way of thinking.

    Illustrated by artist Noga Sinai, the book includes an index and notes that assist the reader in gaining a comprehensive understanding of Ray’s experiences

  • About the Author

    Talya Birkhan, is an educator, with thirty years of experience in treating children, adults and families.  She is the co- founder and manager of the Israeli Center for Philosophy in Education – Philosophy for Life, implementing creative and interdisciplinary treatment methods. Her previous book – ”A Symphony of Light” – My Journey in the Tree of Life was published in 2009.

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