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Unprotected Shores

Unprotected Shores

Title: Unprotected Shores
Author: Smuel kochavi
Page Count: 210
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 
ISBN: 978-965-550-134-6
Previously Published
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  • About the Book

    The first play, Shores, is taking place on a boat sailing to Israel. Albert, a stowaway fleeing an asylum in Marseille, looking for answers to all his questions in, of all places, Israel.  David, the strong man that all the sailors trust him, is about to retire, but he is in conflict with the captain  – his girlfriend, Alice, (who is trying to help Albert) the prostitute the crew, needs the permission of the captain to work on the boat. What will happen at the farewell party of David?

    The second play is taking place in the island Ausitis, where Dean, a prince who has been robbed of his rightful throne by the commander of the army, Nutro, has been exiled. On the island a group of young natives want his help in deposing their king…

    Things get complicated when Livya, the prince former fiancee,

    who helped to Nutro to overthrow Dean, discard by Nutro and exiled to the island. Now she has no choice but to face the lover she betrayed.

  • About the Author

    In this volume, veteran Israeli playwright Shmuel Cohavy presents, for the first time in English, two of his most famous works.

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