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VERITAS: The Pharmacological Endgame

VERITAS: The Pharmacological Endgame

  ZEUS is an international organization dedicated to the eradication of certain scientific advancements to keep its members part of the global elite. The group targets any researchers or whistleblowers that may topple its position at the top of the pharmaceutical industry. The members' influence extends all the way to the top of the major world governments.

   One man holds the key to stopping them.

  Dr. Alex Bauman joined the Molecular Fat Studies Department at Queens University in Brisbane because he wanted to help the obese. Driven by unhappiness with his own weight, Bauman stumbles upon the knowledge to create a cure for obesity. This secret is dangerous to ZEUS. They don't want anything to affect the trillions of dollars they make on bogus obesity treatments.

Presidential hopeful and California senator Marc Thwane is one of ZEUS's members. He can't let anything get in the way of his dark plans for the United States. When Thwane sends a black-ops team after Bauman, the two men's destinies collide in this global adventure. Russian cosmonauts, Saudi royals, and more will help and hinder Bauman's search for the key to taking down ZEUS once and for all.

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