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an officer claims Zadorov manipulated his investigators. Today we broadcast avraham shay in contento

Netanel Semrik: Zadorov manipulated his investigators in the case of Tair Rada, proclaimed one of the officers involved. Today we broadcast an interview with the lead investigator in Contento Now's E-tv studio.

Roman Zadorov mislead the officers regarding his investigation, claims a lead investigator during the re-trial.

The murder story of Tair Rada, that came to light in many courtrooms, social media forums and in the documentary series "Shadow of Truth" as currently it's closing in on the finish line of the re-trail of the defendant, Roman Zadorov.

Naturally, this controversial tail will probably never reveal the absolute, complete truth.

One of the leaders of the case when it occurred a decade ago in Katsrin's police department, Avraham Shay, interviewed with the international publisher, Netanel Semrik, in Contento Now's E-tv studios. Shay shared his troubling story of the reenactment of the murder by the suspect.

We sincerely hope the truth comes to light regarding the case.

The challenge of publishing an honest story, at least in the emotional experience of the author, is a major part of our in Contento Now. Sometimes it comes out here with a studio interview, sometimes as a documentary movie or maybe as a digital and printed book around the world.

We would love to assist you publish your story, at the right way and time.

When will you also choose to share your most profound story in your lives with us?


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