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colective sigh of relief: Facebook and other back on-line. when is your magical story coming to us?

Following the fix of worldwide shutdown, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are back in business after the whole world expected a magic wand to correct the collapse. Today we remember the Master Mentalist, Lior Soshard's interview with Contento Now. when is your magical story coming to us?

The dust has settled, Facebook and others are back operating after a long time with an international bug.

Presently, social media is the best most modern way to publish your daily "stories", like we advise everyone to do every single day.

Contento Now works in bridging the gap between past and present. Publishing hard cover books and know how to post them on Amazon. Deliver stocky novels to the print alongside an on-line and current version. Asking heart to heart questions but can share on the web.

In 30 years of publishing in this industry, our bread and butter have always been a quality story. Everyone has their own magical tale.

"Using all 5 senses to create a 6th sense experience" Said Lior Soshard in our E-studio, when asked to describe the experience of his shows. You, too, have a 6th sense for your greatest story, when can we expect to meet you and hear your magical story?


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