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Netanel Semrik: Rami Levi was forced out during a discussion in the Knesset

The story of the suspicion of the organized price rise by the major supermarket companies is growing stronger as of late, Rami Levi was forced out during a discussion in the Knesset of the topic.

Levi's and his family's life story is a terrific one: his grandfather was one of the founders of Nahalat Zion neighborhood in Jerusalem, his father fought for the "Lehi" organization and his mother raised 6 kids.

Levi chose to open his store with cheap prices and supplies straight from the suppliers, from his little store he opened dozens of branches around Israel, was a member of Jerusalem's city council and was honored with lighting a torch in the national ceremony on Independence Day. All while keeping his family and their stories close to his heart.

We in Contento Now believe in "Cinderella stories" – people who have built their life's journey with their own two hands all the way to success. Alongside this new challenge that Rami is facing today, we believe that pressure builds diamonds, and that's how the best, most exciting and personal stories – whether it's via interviews in our E-TV studio, documentary film, or a digital and printed book worldwide.

Rami interviewed with Netanel Semrik, our international publisher, in Contento Now's studio and discussed his passion to serve his costumers.

When will you also share your passions with Contento?


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