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We offer you advanced literary production services, which will lead your literary creation to the next stage of its publication. Whether you have a preliminary text that you want to publish as a book or whether you would like to translate your text into another language – we will provide you with the most professional service in the process of publishing your book, and we will accompany the process personally and with attention to your needs.





What does this include?

Our services include:

  • Translation – a professional translator will translate your manuscript from the source language to any language you want.

  • Ghostwriting – a ghostwriter will interview you over the course of ten meetings and write your story on your behalf. Each meeting will result in 4,000 words, and/or the entire book will be up to 40,000 words.

  • Editing – a literary editor who is a professional in your manuscript’s source language will edit your book and accompany you and your work in everything related to content.

  • Language editing – a professional language editor will edit your book’s text from a linguistic point of view, while maintaining the original style and remaining faithful to the fine points of language and culture of the source language.

  • Proofreading – a skilled proofreader will check the text’s spelling, punctuation etc.. to ensure its accuracy and quality.

  • A marketing content editor will create the text on the back cover of the book so that is inviting to the reader in the target language.

  • The book’s interior design and pagination will be executed by a professional book designer.

  • Book Cover design– a professional book designer will design a cover for your book that invites the reader of the relevant genre to pick up the book, look through it and buy it.

  • Illustration – a professional illustrator will create appropriate illustrations that will visually accompany the text you have written, in cases where your book needs this.


What Will You Receive?


  • The work of creating your book is a mission that we see as being of highest importance, and in order to realize it we invest great efforts, professionalism, knowledge and experience, dedication and devotion. The results of all these are evident in the thousands of books we have published.

  • Close, professional service given by an advisory team whose expertise is marketing books.

  • Constant reporting on the progress of the stages of production.

  • A team headed by Netanel Semrik, who has led thousands of writers in the processes of publishing  for 25 years – marketing content on the radio, prime time TV, printed media, book stores and digital media.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

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