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In our online era of video clips, interviews, social media and sharing of everything, we will manage your reputation and present and recommend reading your book to a new, discerning audience of book lovers, on the very same screen where your book is available for immediate purchase and download.

What does this include?


  • Our creative team will meet to discuss the best methods for marketing your book.

  • Your book will be uploaded to Amazon as a Kindle book and be prepared for print according to demand. (POD)

  • We will create an Internet identity.  It includes: a biographical abstract, a profile photo and a link to the book’s page on Amazon.

  • Creating an author page on Amazon, which will contain the identity of the author, along with the option of adding information about the book’s launch, videos (if they exist) and a link from the account to your social networks.

  • Creating a public Facebook page with the author’s Internet identity.

  • Creating a LinkedIn account, which will incorporate relevant employment information, skills, the author’s professional fields of interest and training, as well as articles by the author, achievements and pictures from the book’s launch.

  • Creating a personal Twitter account, which will incorporate the author’s Internet identity and a link to the author’s page on Amazon.

  • Creating an Instagram account as a basis for branding the author’s identity.

  • Creating a YouTube account, which will contain the author’s Internet identity.

  • Creating a Wikipedia entry in English, which will contain personal information about the author, career highlights, a biographical abstract, a list of the author’s published works, etc.

  • Designing a landing page that presents the author and the book on the Internet. The page will contain the author’s Internet identity and will be created from materials provided by the author at the beginning of the process – a portrait photograph, a biographical abstract, an abstract of the book, a picture of the book’s cover and a link to social networks.

  • All links to the author’s social media will appear in all the social media accounts, the author’s landing page, the Wikipedia entry, the book’s page on Amazon and the author’s page on Amazon.


What Will You Receive?


  • We will create an Internet identity for your book, which will be a platform for self-promotion and will create communication with your readers; creating professional and business links –you will become a brand; reaching large English-speaking target audiences.

  • You will receive the "keys" to managing your profile; so you can continue independently.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.


Success! Message received.

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