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The ultimate recognition of an author’s talent is adaptation of his or her book into a movie. In order to enable this, we will write a synopsis for you – an abstract of the book’s plot described in the language of the cinema, written in the cinema industry’s recognized format, on the basis of which engagement with production companies and producers will become possible.


What does this include?
  • Writing a professional synopsis of your book of up to five pages.

  • Sending the written synopsis to Hollywood producers and production companies.


What Will You Receive?
  • Opening a door for your book to the world of cinema and the possibility that it will be adapted as a successful screenplay and a successful movie.

  • Close, professional, service given by an advisory team whose expertise is marketing books.

  • The process will be moderated by the digital media manager, an expert in design, branding and marketing.

  • Processes led by a team headed by Netanel Semrik, who has led thousands of writers in the processes of publishing in 25 years of marketing content on the radio, in TV prime time, printed media, book stores and digital media.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

Success! Message received.

+1 646-583-0072

+972 55-663-4237

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