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We have guided thousands of writers to their book’s successes on We invite you to learn the secrets of the digital marketing world and how to use advanced promotional tools.

Four meetings consist of:


  • A preliminary meeting and lessons individually adapted to you and your book

  • First lesson – “Principles of marketing and how to identify target audiences”

  • Second lesson – “Use of digital platforms”

  • Third lesson – “Independent marketing in social media”


What Will You Receive?


  • A professional, individual consultation service by a team of book marketing experts who will teach you advanced marketing methods and how to promote your book yourself.

  • Three meetings/Skype calls up to 50 minutes each.

  • Up-to-date information on how to upload your book to the world’s leading digital platforms.

  • An introduction to social networks and how they can create a media buzz around your book.

  • A team of professionals headed by Netanel Semrik, who has led thousands of writers in the processes of publishing for 25 years –

marking content on radio, prime time TV, printed media, book stores and digital media.

  • The process will be facilitated by the digital media manager, an expert in design, branding and marketing.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

Success! Message received.

+1 646-583-0072

+972 55-663-4237

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