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Being hosted on an American, Israeli or Spanish radio program is a powerful, personal and wonderful way to have the author’s and the book's messages be heard. We have many years’ experience in creating interviews with authors, and many of them have been broadcast on major world media channels.

What does this include?
  • A creative meeting and discussion about the book’s content and its author.

  • A recorded interview with the author on an American, Israeli or Spanish radio program, up to 10 minutes.

  • Distributing the interview on Contento’s social networks.


What Will You Receive?


  • A recorded personal radio interview with the author, along with the added value of in-depth documentation

  • Close, professional, service given by an advisory team whose expertise is marketing books.

  • A team headed by Netanel Semrik, a Galei Tzahal (the IDF's radio station) professional who has led thousands of writers in the processes of publishing  for 25 years  - marketing content on the radio, in TV prime time, printed media, book stores and digital media.

  • A monthly report including figures reflecting the program's progress, organizing the results and presenting them clearly.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

Success! Message received.

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+972 55-663-4237

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