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One of the best ways to expose your book to hundreds of publishers world-wide is to present it at book fairs, such as the London Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair. These book fairs are an active meeting point for top publishers, the leading distributors and literary agents, who choose the books they want to represent in their respective countries. We will attend these fairs for you, advertise your book in our international catalogue and showcase a hard copy to ensure that top publishers in the world are exposed to your book.



What does this include?
  • A meeting of the creative team to discuss how to best market your book at the fair.

  • You can submit your edited and designed book to Contento in order for it to be printed by us.

  • Contento will write a marketing text for you - to be approved by you, and it will appear in the international catalogue in the appropriate category.

  • The marketing text and a picture of the book’s cover will be included in the international catalogue, and will be exposed to a large number of selected publishers at international book fairs.

  • A copy of the printed book will be taken by Contento’s representatives to the book fairs, so that the book and its author will be presented to relevant members of the industry throughout the world (at extra cost, any number of copies of your book can be printed and sent according to demand).

  • The printed book will be displayed on the publisher’s stand at a number of selected book fairs for a twelve month period.

  • The publisher will collect all the contact details of people who take an interest in the book and will negotiate possible international collaboration.

  • Contento will expose the book on local digital platforms linked to the book fairs.

  • Contento will send the author a photograph of the book at the  book fairs for marketing purposes.


What Will You Receive?


  • The benefit of Contento’s long term relationship with a variety of publishers of different genres from different countries, in order to increase the potential for the book’s success.

  • Exposure of the author and the book in the international publishing community.

  • Promoting and marketing the book abroad without the personal investment involved in traveling to the book fair.

  • A team meeting with the manager of the international marketing department focusing on the subject of the book and the relevant readership.

  • Personal consultations with an expert on international marketing throughout the process.

  • The process will be led by a team managed by Netanel Semrik – a leading media figure and highly- respected publisher, who has successfully published thousands of books and authors.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

Success! Message received.

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