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Digital content is acquiring a central role in our lives. We will present your book actively to a new, high-quality, book-loving, Internet-surfing audience. We will publicize your book in digital magazines with potential for the widest exposure


What does this include?
  • A meeting of the creative team and a discussion on how to market your book.

  • A publicity campaign in printed and digital formats in the world’s leading literary magazines.

  • Appearance in the home page of the selected website and social media pages of prestigious literary magazines.

  • Publicity in the world’s leading literary magazines that are distributed to hundreds of editors of literary columns, owners of digital stores, libraries and visitors world-wide.

  • A publicity campaign in the websites/blogs of celebrities and opinion leaders, Choice of one of the following:PW, NY Times, Oprah.

  • Reporting and follow-up during the period of publicity, approval of the publicity stages and a summarizing report of the results.


What Will You Receive?


  • Appearance and promotion on the platform of the world’s leading literary magazines and extensive exposure to thousands of customers.

  • A team meeting with the manager of the digital marketing department on the added value that can be given to the author, focusing on the subject of the book and the relevant readership.

  • The process will be moderated by the digital media manager, an expert in design, branding and marketing.

  • A team headed by Netanel Semrik, who has led thousands of writers in the processes of publishing  for 25 years – marketing content on the radio, prime time TV, printed media, book stores and digital media.

  • A monthly report including sharing figures about the program's progress, reflecting the results and presenting them clearly.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

Success! Message received.

+1 646-583-0072

+972 55-663-4237

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