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International Book
Fair Presentation

One of the most effective ways to present your book to hundreds of publishers world-wide is a lecture in an international book fair, where top publishers, distributors, literary agents and critics meet. These people choose the books they are interested in representing in their countries. We will be there for you, represent your book in a professional lecture at the fairs and make sure that the world’s top publishers are exposed to your book.

What does this include?
  • A meeting of the creative team to discuss how best to market your book at the fair.

  • A 30-minute lecture at the selected fair.

  • Printing 50 books for one book-signing event.

  • Writing and editing a presentation for one lecture.

  • Writing a marketing leaflet to promote the lecture at the fair and printing 100 copies.

  • Hiring stewards to distribute the leaflet for half a day before the lecture and during it.

  • Filming a video of the lecture using two cameras, and editing the video.


What Will You Receive?
  • A lecture event about your book at the fair, to a varied audience consisting of the world’s top publishers, distributors, and literary agents.

  • The benefit of Contento’s long term relationships with a variety of publishers of different genres from different countries, in order to increase the potential of the book’s success.

  • Exposure of the author and the book in the international publishing community.

  • Promoting and marketing the book abroad without the personal investment involved in traveling to the book fair.

  • A team meeting with the manager of the international marketing department on the added value that can be given to the author, focusing on the subject of the book and the relevant readership.

  • A personal channel for consultation with an expert on international marketing throughout the process.

  • The process will be led by a team managed by Netanel Semrik – a leading media figure and highly-estimated publisher, who has successfully published thousands of books and authors.

  • Your work is guaranteed to receive recognition; your manuscript and your message will gain international exposure.

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