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Your book is about to see the light of day. We will ensure that its presentation is bright and bold and impressive.  With the rich experience and knowledge gleaned from publishing thousands of successful books and writers, we will provide maximum exposure of your book through press releases, editorial articles about your book and its appearance on leading, respected platforms - including Amazon, the largest book store in the world.


What does this Include?


  • Our creative team will meet to discuss the best methods of marketing your book.

  • Showcasing your book on the publisher’s website.

  • Making your book available on as an eBook + POD.

  • Contacting five experts in the book’s field in order to receive their reviews on Amazon.

  • Promoting the book to Amazon Best Sellers in its category ( places 1–100), including downloads during  periods of special deals and “borrowing” days.

  • Creating a space for reviews by acquaintances.

  • Writing and designing press releases for digital media.

  • Sending press releases to 200 digital media organizations.



What Will You Receive?


  • Exposure of your book to surfers on the publisher’s website -  giving them an opportunity to buy the book.

  • Making your book available on as an eBook + POD.

  • Exposing the book to leaders in the relevant fields.

  • An edited, designed press release with marketing value, which will help to promote your book in digital media organizations.

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