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Adham Ziad Iraqi - Self Fulfillment

We are proud to give you an exclusive first look at Adham Ziad Iraqi's new book "Self Fulfillment". "You are the hero of your life. so be the hero who controls your life, and not those who carry out instructions from other people, Everything is possible if you believe it is". People often complain that they haven't lived out their dreams - and they aren't satisfied with their life. This is usually because they haven't reached their goals and due to life's obstacles, they've become distanced from their dreams and survive instead of live. Self Fulfillment will help you discover for yourself that you are the only one responsible for achieving your goals and that everything and everyone else is simply an illusion. This book will help you understand and believe that you can still reach self-fulfillment, live in harmony with yourself and be exactly the person you'd hoped to become. You can reach this state of mind if you are willing to make an effort - because nothing worth having comes easily. This is Adham Zaid Iraqi's first book. He has a degree in law, is a lawyer and mediator by profession. His member of the Haifa Chamber of Commerce and presents a radio show in Israel called "Thinking Differently ( Hoshvim Aheret). He is member of the Mediators Association of Israel and "Ilis" in addition to the international organization "Mediation without Borders", as well as "ACR".


If you are interested in the translation or distribution rights for this book, we would love to meet you at the London Book Fair, or via Skype call.

Please supply us with your contact information and we will contact you soon.

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