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Avital Sebbag  - Five Seasons in the Kitchen

We are proud to give you an exclusive first look at avital sebbag's new book

"Five Seasons in the Kitchen", an exciting culinary journey along the paths of vegan cooking that lead to the heart of Avital's world – her kitchen. Whether chopping, kneading, stirring or baking, Avital is master of this gloriously humble realm in which her profound love and respect for the fruits of the earth mark her every move.

This book contains 75 nutritious, rich and delicious recipes inspired by Zen and ancient 

principles of nutrition. Avital views her recipes as dynamic and flexible – creativity in motion, 

open to change and variation. In fact, she encourages her readers to experiment with them: 

substitute ingredients, explore the unique flavors of locally grown spices and herbs or try 

alternative cooking methods, all for the sake of celebrating the abundance that Mother 

Nature provides every season of the year.


If you are interested in the translation or distribution rights for this book, we would love to meet you at the London Book Fair, or via Skype call.

 Please supply us with your contact information and we will contact you soon.


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