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Galya Sidelsky
New Children's Book

 "The Star of Joy"

Above the clouds, way up high,
There’s a shining, colorful star…
The star of love,
light and happiness,
Inviting every friend to visit.
Be-Happy the horse
and Princess Love,
Would gladly invite any child.
Surprises there are all about…
Open this book
and you’ll find out.

48 pages of a magical tale and dreamy, watercolor illustrations

Suitable for children ages 1-10

Combines imaginary and realistic stories

Creates a state of meditation and relaxation before falling asleep

Develops emotional intelligence, positive thinking and promotes relaxation skills

Encourages a joyful and appreciative attitude towards life

Provides positive messages and creates quality time  with your children  

Awakens the Wisdom of Heart that lies within everyone of us

Read inside...

About the author

Galya Sidelsky is an artist and a writer who has been involved in the musical education field for over 25 years.

Her path consists mainly of art in the form of music, motion, writing, guided imagery and meditation. During her development in these fields, Galya discovered the importance of emotions and feeling as a gateway to ones heart, which led her to explore this splendid and fascinating inner world and so it also became a way of life.

Her first book "The Star of Joy" was written with the intention of enhancing the beauty which life has to offer. Values like friendship, giving and accepting. Also, the notion that there's a diamond in every one of us, and that once people will learn to love themselves, they would be able to love others.
Her book leads the reader beyond the adventure of the story, to a world of imagination and positive thinking.

"When a person connects to their inner diamond, their true self appears and a 
remarkable feeling of freedom, unity and happiness is experienced"

Galya talks about the book...

What parents are saying about the book...

This little story is so rich in happiness and dreams made possible, related in rhyme and wonderful lessons for appreciating friendship and the goodness of humanity - a world we all desire. Especially for a first book, this is a complete success. There will be more - because dreams happen...

Grady Harp

This was a great children's book and was very entertaining. Not only did me and my baby cousin enjoy this awesome book but It also had some great lessons. I definitely recommend this book.

Brad Mayo

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