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Israel Shay Malka  - Pathways to the Wisdom of Kabbalah

We are proud to give you an exclusive first look at Israel Shay Malka's  - "Pathways to the Wisdom of Kabbalah". Pathways to the Wisdom of Kabbalah seeks to guide the reader into the world of Kabbalah through an in depth and gradual investigation of the secrets behind the commandments – based on one of the classic kabbalist stories “the faithful herder”, found in the Zohar, which was originally a separate book. This research lead to the papers belonging to the body of work.While in the Middle Ages, the Commandments were mainly guidelines for society, the Kabbalists related to them as having far more meaning than their use for the management of daily life. They saw them as having symbolic significance, holding celestial power which can affect and influence every aspect of reality. They are connected not only to the outcome of a person’s fate but to the fate of the entire universe – and the celestial kingdom as well. This discussion, which covers numerous concepts such as finiteness and infinity, the source of evil, the meaning of life as well as celestial providence is presented in accessible and clear language and is structured almost one on one with “Tikunei HaZohar” and other Kabbalistic sources.


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