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HOPE Cancer as a Challenge

HOPE Cancer as a Challenge

Title: HOPE Cancer as a Challenge: Scientific Discoveries And New Insights-A Source Of Hope
Author: Jacob Shoham MD,PhD
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-558-0
Page Count: 282

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  • About the Book

    Cancer is one of the major challenges for modern medicine.

    This challenge has two aspects: scientific and medical. Scientifically, it is motivated by the aspiration to unravel fundamental life processes, perturbed by cancer. Medically, it means finding effective ways of prevention, diagnosis and treatment for it. As a result, cancer research is a subject of top priority of modern biology, addressing both the scientific and the medical aspects of this challenge. Since most people have only fragmentary knowledge regarding this scary disease, presenting relevant information in an organized, methodical way, may assist in relieving anxiety, by delineating the background and rational of preventive, coping and treatment options, from a scientific viewpoint.

    This book aims at reaching this goal. It is an introductory, systematic escription for knowledge-seeking people, of some of the exciting discoveries of cancer research. Specific discoveries about the cellular, molecular and genetic aspects of cancer have been and are still triggering the development of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. There is also increased recognition of the nature of cancer as a complex system, which may generate a paradigm shift in medical thinking about the disease. This may result in a significant change in the medical approach to cancer and serve as a basis for integrative treatment programs,  ffering hope for more effectively coping with and treatment of this disease. Some principles and implications of the complex system perspective of cancer are presented in the last chapters of this book.

  • About the Author

    The author, Jacob Shoham, MD, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus

    of the Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. In his

    ongoing work, he deals with both the medical and scientific aspects

    of the cancer challenge. As a physician, he specialized in internal

    medicine, and studied Medical and Integrative Oncology, as well

    as nutritional medicine, Chinese and Western herbal medicine,

    and mind-body medicine. He combines these aspects in his integrative therapeutic approach to cancer patients. As a cancer researcher, he previously studied cancer cell behavior, and is currently focusing on immunological and inflammatory responses to cancer.

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