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There Was Sense From The Beginning

There Was Sense From The Beginning

The book of Genesis opens with 11 chapters of original
stories that relate to the world and humanity. Underlying the
narratives are deep insights about human beings, their qualities
and their flaws, in addition to society, with all its vitality and
malaise. The creation of the world and the idyllic Garden of
Eden, the story of the Great Flood, the drama of the Tower of
Babel, among others, teach us who we are, what we should be
wary of, and what we should strive to become.
The countless interpretations gleaned from these stories are
proof that in each reading a new and even surprising insight
can be derived. Their literary beauty awakens the imagination,
and all who savor them feel that whole worlds are embodied
within them. It is in this ardor that There Was Sense From The
Beginning was written. It seeks to help readers open the gates
to the biblical world, and to demonstrate how to hear the moral
voice of the Torah even today. Prevailing questions of social
justice as well as an examination of values considered to be
modern, such as free choice, self-determination, human rights,
equality, and liberty, are the focus of the book. From within
its pages arise the timeless questions that trouble us and our
society to this day.

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