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Make-Up is not just about color

Make-Up is not just about color

Make-Up is Not Just About Color invites women to put themselves at the forefront
and to discover their inner power through taking careful care of their appearance. A
better self-image, free from the unrealistic demands of the industry, enables increased
self-esteem which in-turn leads to comfort and success in all areas of life.
Every woman in her own way is uniquely beautiful. The models used in the Instruction
Section are real women, from various ages, backgrounds and careers. They have been
photographed with and without make-up, in order to emphasize the difference in
their before and after look. The reader will also find links to instruction clips which
go through the make-up techniques step by step.
Vered Grenadir notes that successful women such as Barbara Walters, Michelle
Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Clinton, to name a few, understand the connection
between an elegant appearance and success. Make-Up is Not Just About Color invites
you to find the diamond within yourself.
Vered Grenadir is a make-up artist, working for over two decades. Her career in
television began locally in 1991 and expanded into the fashion industry in New York
City, where she became a top make-up and hair artist, working with well-known models
and celebrities. She currently teaches self empowerment and make-up techniques.

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