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The Stone Collector

The Stone Collector

Some things are not meant to be stolen. That is what Hexus Thorne, vicious hitman for the Mafia, realizes when he unsuspectingly takes possession of a powerful Stone with legendary powers. And yet- this is not the only Stone hiding among the ancient ruins of the Island of Meylach. 


The question is- who is The Stone Collector?


Part murder mystery, part mythic fantasy, part conspiracy theory and part social satire. Eitan Olevsky's The Stone Collector is like a cross between Neil Gaiman, Umberto Eco, Jorge Luis Borges, and Paulo Coelho. This truly eccentric novel is built around the notion of seven stones that are as much a blessing as a curse. The characters in the book gain different magical powers but all power comes with a Price.

In telling an apparently fantastical tale about eastern and western alchemy, Atlantis, and the Mithraic Mysteries, it probes relentlessly at our human foibles - our insecurities, our vanities, our regrets, our desires.

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