Rainbow of Musical Colors - Learning Music with the Irit Lev Special Method

Rainbow of Musical Colors - Learning Music with the Irit Lev Special Method

A revolutionary music teaching method!! No need to learn to read notes!! Learn to play music
according to the color and duration of each note!
Learn Music with lrit Lev's Special Method.
Colorful Music Notes and CD Included.
Learn music while listening to the playback track of each piece, as recorded on the CD. Every
budding musician will feel like he is being accompanied by an entire symphony orchestra!
Music students will find it much easier to assimilate tunes and learning songs becomes an easy and
very pleasurable experience.
The method enables students to become happy musicians, to play with joy and confidence. The
book and CD, motivates and encourages students to continue playing, improving and learning to
enjoy music.
Playing music, and especially playing "by colors", improves coordination, absolute pitch, and rhythm
as well as knowledge of musical notes and solfeggio (singing according to musical notes) - each
according to their age and ability.
'Rainbow of Musical Colors', was developed for students of all ages. Author and music teacher lrit
Lev, has been teaching music for over twenty years. "I was looking for a way to make music easier
to learn and at the same time, a way to give my students a sense of self-confidence and enjoyment".

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