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No Clue - Tanya Medoza

No Clue - Tanya Medoza

Tanya Mendoza’s illuminating autobiographical
book, No Clue, offers a
fascinating look back at an extraordinary
life. The book follows Ms. Mendoza
and her family as they face the dramatic
events of the Second World War in Yugoslavia
and then their move to the United
States in the war’s aftermath.
The book narrates her remarkable
individual path once arriving in the U.S.,
switching rapidly between various careers,
lifestyles and locations. It recounts her
travels around the world, first as a goodwill
ambassador for the U.S., then as a fashion
designer and later as an ambassador for
the Russian Orthodox Palestinian Society.
Several decades later on her first visit
to Israel, she meets her beloved partner,
Brigadier General Yitzhak “Yicha” Yaakov,
who headed the Israel Defense Forces’
weapons research and development
program at the end of the 1960s and
beginning of the 1970s. An amazing book
about an amazing woman.

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