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Attraction: Secrets of Gravity

Attraction: Secrets of Gravity

Attraction – Secrets of Gravity offers an alternative theory to the Newtonian
‘attraction force’ and ‘gravitation’. Its simple, clear style enables any
interested reader to understand various concepts without needing any
scientific background or in-depth knowledge in physics. The book asks
questions such as:
Why do apples fall down?
Does the horse “pull” the cart?
What is “attraction?”

What is the difference between “attraction” and “repulsion?”
What do “attraction force,” electricity, light and magnetism
have in common?
What is time?
Why is the speed of light the “ultimate” speed?
How do we perceive reality and interpret its laws?
What are the limitations to human thought? And more...
These questions gradually lead us to a new way of thinking, through which
we can perceive reality in a different way than we have known so far.
Attraction – Secrets of Gravity includes examples, illustrations and many
demonstrations. Through them, it presents the absurdity in the classic
Theory of Gravity, and explains what is similar and what differs from the
Relativity Theory.
Reading this book is an intellectual adventure, which leads the reader
in a new, surprising and unknown direction, where only the imagination
and the freedom to think set the limits…

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