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Psycho Dalia

Psycho Dalia

  Dr. Dalia Revadim, a 44-year-old single psychiatrist,
attempts to care for everyone but has difficulty managing
her own complicated life.
   The introduction of the novel is chronologically the end of the
story. Dalia flees after someone has died in her home. She
escapes the hot Israeli sun and moves to Stockholm, where she
takes a research position focusing on seasonal depression. She
suffers a nervous breakdown, and returns home after a failed
suicide attempt. Upon her release, she transcribes the contents
of her therapy sessions as an act of self-healing.
  The backdrop of her breakdown is explored in the complicated
relationships between Dalia and the people in her life. She has
relationships with two very different men. With one of them, she
discovers love for the first time, as well as her femininity and
suppressed desires.
  The author portrays a violent society in which there is constant
unrest, social alienation and loneliness, as well as a longing for
intimacy and love. The panic and emotions of her patients echo
in the heroine’s story. Dr Ayzenberg examines, in addition, the
private lives of caregivers within the world of psychotherapy.
Who is the patient? Who the caregiver? What is the healing
power of love?


  Dr. Aviva Ayzenberg is a senior clinical psychologistat a medical center, and has published (in additionto professional articles) two novels: “Smile My Bride”(Gvanim, 1997) and “Listening to the nights sounds”(Poalim Publishing ,2000).

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