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God's Elect

God's Elect

Setting out on the track of historical fiction allowed me a degree of flexibility within the bedrock of historical objectivity. Indulging myself I took wing and soared to the realm of quasi-truths. Of course this did not mean abandoning the familiarity of the historical discourse rather it gave me the opportunity to juggle facts with a spot of fiction. I was now free to interpret specific contemporary global predicaments in the way I view them through my own historian's spectacles.

The result is "God's Elect" - a story of interconnecting situations merging into one apocalyptic theme.

The theme developed from historical and contemporary events is as follows: When most of the Western leadership is assassinated in a mega-terrorist attack perpetrated by radical Moslems, a chain of breathtaking events is unleashed. Against this backdrop, the True Templers, a clandestine Protestant sect, hatch an extraordinary plot to realize their apocalyptical belief in the Second Coming of Christ. As the plot thickens, the existence of ancient Jewish Temple treasures, hidden in the Vatican cellars for over two thousand years, is revealed. The return of these treasures to the State of Israel would have an earth shattering impact on the state of the world. 

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