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Dr. Bracha Klein Tayir - Are Sea-Fish Thirsty?

We are proud to give you an exclusive first look at Dr. Bracha Klein Tayir's new book "Are Sea-Fish Thirsty?".The universe changes, genes change - it is a new world. Man of today is not the man of tomorrow or of yesterday. His mental capacity will grow threefold. The organizations of tomorrow will be entirely different - and the results and successes will be completely different. This is the result of evolution - man and organizations will be brilliant. Life will be controlled with the help of information, understanding and new models of thinking. Dr. Bracha Klein Tayir has written 5 challenging books and this, her fourth is a leader in the field of new organizational thinking - new leadership concepts and new results. She supports her clients and students in the process of "doing" versus talking, so they reach their highest objectives.


If you are interested in the translation or distribution rights for this book, we would love to meet you at the London Book Fair, or via Skype call.

Please supply us with your contact information and we will contact you soon.

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