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Trauma, Addiction and Trauma

Trauma, Addiction and Trauma

Title: Trauma, Addiction and Trauma
Author: Amir Pirani
Page Count: 388
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento
ISBN: 978-965-550-351-7

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  • About the Book

    Through the years, substance addiction has become a strategic issue.  Most violence-related penalties constitute a consequence of drugs and alcohol addiction, including a significant part of the property crimes.  This book portrays the problem's roots. 

    Approximately forty percent of those addicted to hard substances, who come to ''Rothschild Two'', successfully withdraw from substances. This saves the police and courts  work on tens of  thousands of files, but even more so, spares a great deal of suffering for the substance addicts, their families, and the public as a whole.  The key to this therapeutic success lies within the implementation of innovative models for helping addiction victims and aiding in their rehabilitation.  The core of the model is identifying their cycle of suffering which has guided their lives for years. 

    The author explains and demonstrates the relationship of past personal trauma among substance addicts and their subsequent substance addiction.


  • About the Author

    Amir Pirani, born in 1959 in Kibbutz Nir David is married and father to three daughters.

    Amir has lived in Tel Aviv for the past two decades. He founded and manages the ''Rothschild Two'' therapeutic center, a part of the Social Services Administration, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality.  The author possesses both individual and group therapeutic experience, having treated thousands of individuals who suffered substance addiction issues, yielding especially high recovery percentages. Pirani served his military reserve service as an IDF Mental Health Officer, and has taught courses addressing psychoactive substance addictions to Social Work students at Haifa University. He has written several articles addressing substance addicted individuals, who are also victims of traumatic episodes. 


    In the heart of Tel Aviv, Amir Pirani has developed a unique therapeutic center, surrounded by gardens and vegetation, fostering patients’ connection to the love of humans, nature, and animals.

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