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Henna Ezer-Ulitzki  - Fugitives of Horror

We are proud to give you an exclusive first look at Henna Ezer-Ulitzki's "Fugitives of Horror". Fugitives of Horror shares the conversations between Henna Ezer-Ulitzki and Holocaust survivors who were young children of various ages, without their parents in Europe during World War II. Most of them survived by hiding until the war ended and were taken to Israel, sometimes against their wishes. Once in Israel, they were placed in different frameworks. We discover that their arrival in Israel did not put an end to their suffering. Their assimilation in their new homeland is often described as a “personal holocaust” by the survivors. These conversations are documented exactly as related by the survivors – real life stories that are horrific and painful. From within these experiences of horror, these amazing people manage to cultivate full and meaningful lives.“This book is a must for anyone who wants to learn firsthand about the Holocaust – shared by adults who were children during the horrors in Europe – creating a collage of experiences that is both complicated and deeply emotional. In Fugitives of Horror, Henna Ezer-Ulitzki excels in her ability to document with empathy and sensitivity, allowing survivors the opportunity to relive the terrors of their childhood and experience some form of healing as they share with her and readers.”Yehudit RotemHenna Ezer-Ulitzki holds a MA in education from Tel Aviv University and specializes in Communications. In 1991 she published a book of poems in Hebrew (Beini Leveini) with Eked-Traklin Publishing.


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