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Dancing Over Troubled Water

Dancing Over Troubled Water

Title:  Dancing Over Troubled Water
Author:  Tsvia Bar Abarbanel
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento 

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  • About the Book

    Dancing over Troubled Waters is a comprehensive and important encyclopedia of Yemenite culture, presenting academic research which has come together as a treasure for any follower. This documentary photo book tells the story of three Yemenite women who courageously managed to break through the cultural barriers of their environment, conscious of thus fulfilling a mission, and out of complete faith in the rectitude of their path.

  • About the Author

    Tsvia bar (Orkabi-Abarbanel) holds an academic honor from York University from 2010 for her research on "Folklore and communication" which documents the history of art in the Jewish Culture of Yemen. Tsvia Bar (Orkabi-Abarbanel) was born in Rada, Yemen. From the Saudi Arabian desert to the ethnic tiles of the Inbal Dance Theater, she performed all over the world, with public figures such as Sammy Davis Junior, Max Sydow and Andy Williams. She has made appearances on TV and film in all forms of communication such as the "The Andy Williams show".

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