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The Way of Fate

The Way of Fate

Title: The Way of Fate
Author: George Shefi
International Publisher & Distributor & Agent: Contento

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  • About the Book

    In a generation of disaster, when the sky darkened over Europe and the whole world there were some glimpses of light. One of those was the kindertransport, a rescue operation of nearly 10,000 children, mostly Jewish, from Nazi Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia.

    This was made possible by the vigorous actions of people and organizations, Jews and non Jews, who in 1938, after “Krystalnacht”, recruited the Britis Parliament to act and enable this

    rescue operation. The children who had to be separated from their families – survived.

    George Shefi was one of these children. In July 1939, when he was not yet eight years old, his loving mother put him on a rescue train that took him from Berlin to freedom. He did not know that waving good-bye to his mother would be the last time he would see her. She did not survive.

    This book brings to you the story of the “Kindertransport” through a personal and breathtaking story. This is a life story which proves the power of optimism and the way of

    fate; how a decision with no apparent rational explanation, brings about exciting discoveries and changes.

  • About the Author

    The author, George Shefi, who was blessed with an exciting life and a loving family, has a new goal; to share his story and his outlook on life with others, mostly young people.

    He frequently meets with German educators and school children in Germany and in Israel.

    On January 27, 2014, on International Holocaust Memorial Day, George Shefi was invited to speak before the Saarland Landestag in Germany.

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