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Zvia Kof-Heimovich - Playing in the Walls 

We are proud to give you an exclusive first look at Zvia Kof-Heimovich's new book

"Playing in the Walls", Events in this book are described from the view of a small girl who hid inside a wall with her little brother and parents during World War II. The characters are based on real people.“No one knows what is behind the closet – there is a hole in thewall. We crawled into the wall. Mother and father were with usand it was crowded. We could only lie down next to each other and couldn’t even lift up our heads. We learned to crawl. At first we tired quickly and it was hard to lie all the time but soon we began to make trips inside the wall – in complete silence. We could hear the Germans talking. They were on the other side of the wall – right next to us. We talked with our eyes, smiled withour eyes and asked questions with our eyes.” Zvia Kof-Heimovich was born in Wierzbnik, Poland. She moved to Israel in the 1950’s and settled in Haifa. She went to the “Chugim” High School. She earned her degree in Hebrew and English Literature from the Hebrew University and an additional degree in English Literature from the University of Haifa. She is a mother and grandmother.


If you are interested in the translation or distribution rights for this book, we would love to meet you at the London Book Fair, or via Skype call.

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