Hisne was born from the author’s Kurdish background and creates a tapestry of characters living in the Diaspora – upholding customs and culture that is over two thousand five hundred years old.


Through the portrayal of fascinating women, first and foremost Hisne, Itzhak Baruch manages to paint a picture of Barzan, located somewhere in the snowy mountains of Kurdistan before he continues the journey to Bagdad and then to Jerusalem.


«The caves we slept in were not protected from wolves and jackals, or gurga. The wolves were the animals we feared the most, especially when they appeared in packs of three or four, and even more.»


“One time, an airplane bombed an entire group of soldiers. I saw them fall like strawberries. Once, I even stepped out of the cave and ran to one of the dead soldiers. I thought I might fi nd some food or money in his pockets – anything that could help us survive.


Itzhak (Itzik) Baruch was born and raised in the Kurdish neighborhood of Jerusalem. He attended «Alliance» school in Machane Yehuda, which produced some of the great

writers and artists of Jerusalem. He served as an offi cer in the police force – is a graduate of the Hebrew University in the field of the Middle East, History and Bible studies. He is a credited international tour guide and is married with 3 children.


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