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Turn yourself into a best seller

NETANEL SEMRIK: Hello, my name is Netanel Semrik, I'm the father of three children, Eyal, Kesem, Ariel and married to my beloved wife, Osnat.

A few years ago, I wrote a children's book that appeared in English, Chinese, Arabic and also in Hebrew, Jonathan in the Kingdom of Mood Balloons. The book that reveals a little secret, how each of us - children, as well as parents, can take full responsibility and control of our emotions by choosing which mood balloon to hold over our head.

Today, I'm beginning a new journey, hopefully together with you, towards my next book that teaches you how to become an international best seller by following through the process of publishing your book.

I think it was five years ago in Beijing, I first came across a little diner just like the yellow one here behind me. A small, authentic Chinese diner, with rice and vegetables and a few hot and spicy strings of meat. At the end of the great meal -- we were just two White Western from Contento Now, our publishing house in that diner - I wanted to pay and also to give a tip in order to show our gratitude for the great service. The owner, an old Chinese lady just this tall, said to me, "No way". I tried again to give her a tip and she told me, "No way". I said "Please", in my fluent Chinese and she said, "No, no. No way."

She wanted to give me her service for free. Perhaps you could also give your books to the right people for free. To gain commitment. To show gratitude.

Five years of Beijing international book fairs. Every single time, I come back to the same lady, to the same diner.

If you want to share this book, or to respond, or to show anything that you think about it, please click here and contact me.

Thank you very much.

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