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Dr. Baruch Berliner now publishes 4 new book filled with loving poems to his wife Ruhama.

Dr. Berliner is a creator and an artist we enjoy to work with for many years. His 4 new books are his 10,11,12,13 with us, and we are aiming to get to 20 soon.

Berliner, who spent most of his career working as an actuary, always wrote and composed his own poems. Today, he works "full time" at his craft and publishes his creations worldwide with his dear wife.

We in Contento Now, believe that with a living and hugging support from you spouses can help you reach new heights. Communication and understanding, in life in general but specifically and your publishing journey, is a major key to success. Whether it's via a poetry book, interviews in our e-tv studio or even a documentary film – we would love to be there for you, assisting through every step of the way.

When will you also choose to publish your inner poetry with us?


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