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Weekly update: a long list of authors, businessmen and consultants publish themselves with us.

Hello, this is Netanel Semrik, CEO and publisher here at Contento Now. a long list of authors, businessmen and consultants publish themselves weekly with us. We are delighted to share with you the new stories from the past week!

Also, we in Contento Now would like to wish you a happy Hanukkah :)

Dr. Baruch Berliner now publishes 4 new book filled with loving poems to his wife and life partner, Ruhama.

Dr. Berliner is a creator and an artist we enjoy to work with for many years. His 4 new books are his 10,11,12,13 with us, and we are aiming to get to 20 soon.

Berliner, who spent most of his career working as an actuary, always wrote and composed his own poems. Today, he works "full time" at his craft and publishes his creations worldwide with his dear wife.

We in Contento Now, believe that with a living and hugging support from you spouses can help you reach new heights. Communication and understanding, in life in general but specifically and your publishing journey, is a major key to success. Whether it's via a poetry book, interviews in our e-tv studio or even a documentary film – we would love to be there for you, assisting through every step of the way.

When will you also choose to publish your inner poetry with us?

Moshe Hogeg, owner of the historic and symbolic soccer team, Beitar Jerusalem, has his trial story is taking a new turn with the reveal of serious evidence.

Beitar Jerusalem’s owner bought the team with the delight of his fans, that have now turned their back to him.

We in Contento Now believe that the truth will see the light eventually, and we need to wait until the final decision has been made in court. The true story always breaks out.

Truth that seeks the publish it self can come out in many different form or platform: with a series of interviews in Contento Now’s E-tv studio, in a book published around the globe or even a documentary film.

Motale Shipgler, former Beitar coach, interviewed with our international publisher, Netanel Semrik, in Contento Now’s studio and talked to us about the first time he saw Israel as a young child.

When will you also visit us for the first time in our offices?

Barratt Kennet's book, "Leadership in sales - 4 simple steps to more sales, more scale, more success", has reached to top 100 rank on Amazon's best seller's list on 3 different categories, as stated currently.

His book, that is based around 4 unique methods to increase your sales that every businessman and woman have to know, is receiving high praise for costumers and critics, helping them with their personal sales endeavors.

We in Contento Now are happy to reach across the globe and meet new authors and stories. That is why we publish and translate to 12 unique languages.

Barratt Kennett curated his book in an attempt to help us be our own salesman, "You are the best seller" of your books and stories.

When will you also choose to reach out to our offices and be your own best seller via book or interview in our digital studio?

First day of Hanukkah celebrated alongside the arrival of the new Covid-19 variant.

It is unclear what spread faster: the new variants or the stories about them. The decision makers broadcast a new set of boundaries when a story at this level and gravity publishes around the world.

Once a story of this magnitude comes to light, the people who are holding the candle are once again the medical community, that have not rested throughout the pandemic.

Today we are especially pleased to air Leah Vapner, CEO of the doctor's union, that helped publish the book "Stories from the white robe", from Contento Now.