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An interview was published in TheMarker with the publisher Netanel Semrik

This morning was published in The Marker - The Special Projects - an interview with me. From the article, shares one paragraph: "Contento Now provides publishing services to entrepreneurs, business people, start-ups seeking to tell the triumphant story of their professional and personal lives." In the days of the Corona, do people have more time to watch stories? "Absolutely yes. There is more time than ever to consume content and stories. Not necessarily books, but necessarily a good story. Also in video on social networks, also as a movie. People understand that this is an age that carries many opportunities for personal development, consume an intriguing story with insights - listen to humanity much more "Great and focused on reading and watching through the smartphone. I have been accompanying people in their storytelling all these years. Each of us is a creator who has a story he wants to tell and bring to light. Together we wrap the creator in a set of tools tailored to him, allowing him to go out." Contento Nou TV Studios, staff in the fields of communication, writing and editing and professional training, perfecting the skills of appearing in the television medium and standing on the broadcast or written stage, so that his story can be told consistently, patiently and experience success. To read the full article, click here:

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