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26 years ago today, P.M. Itzhak Rabin was murdered by Yigal Amir.

26 years ago today, P.M. Itzhak Rabin was murdered by Yigal Amir.

Do you also feels that the atmosphere around us today is just as toxic and violent as in those days? That the lesson has yet to be learned? When we set our eyes to the street, the roads, the WhatsApp groups, the comments on the Facebook posts and to regular conversations between people- do you sense the incitement and violence is still sizzling?

When we choose the story we wish to publish, do you sit down and think among ourselves about what we say, type or even think?

The story we tell is a tool that allows us to select whether we’ll be the positive change we want to see in the world. It seems that the story we will tell can impact many of destinies, for better or worse. It’s in our hands to choose if our story is told with the intent to support, assist and cause joy - where will our personal journey of publishing go, and whether we use to huge powers of storytelling to cause positivity around us?

One of the closest people the Rabin was his right hand man, Eitan Haber, who which we helped throughout his publishing journey.

Haber interviewed in Contento Now’s E-tv studios and shared his most impactful story: and its not what you think.

When will you choose to share your impactful story in our studio?


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