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92 years ago the first movie of Laurel and Hardy aired. lior khalfon was inspired in our tv studios

The legends that are Laurel and Hardy aired their first ever film, "The second 100 years" in a short film that starred the terrific but anonymous duo at the time. Of course as time went by, they became some of the most successful artist in the 20th century, that leave their marks on popular culture to this day.

Fans of the show "Friends" will remember the poster that hangs above Chander and Joey's TV, where Hardy sits next to laurel who cradles his chin with a handkerchief.

It seems like one of the funniest sitcoms in the USA, has also inspired some of Israel's finest sitcoms. "Traffic Light", 2010 Emmy award winner who was created by Adir Miller, starred the comedian/business man Lior Khalfon.

The show's trade mark come into place in the little details: the humors shirt the charters wear, the made-up book titles and even the hilarious character names.

Contento Now prides itself with our attention to details and punctuality during the publishing process – from epilog to prolog, a studio interview to first print copy, we are there to lead, assist and advise.

That is one of the reasons Netanel Semrik, the international publisher, enjoyed working alongside Lior Khalfon – a person who thinks big, but pays attention to the small details.

In addition to the riveting interview we conducted with Lior, we also published his book, "The golden egg".

You are the main character in the movie of your existence, when will you choose to publish your funniest stories?

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