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"Faust", One of the greatest operas, launched New York's metropolitan opera, 138 year aGO.

"Faust", One of the greatest operas in history launched in New York's metropolitan opera, 138 year ago today.

Opera singing is a trait that is possessed only by the most elite in the field, a terrific art form that has lost the spotlight over the years.

Gila Yaron, the amazing soprano singer, published with Contento Now her interesting book: "Just because I want to tell", who presents rare poems and new details on some of the greatest musician of the 20th century. The book came to life with us in English and German, we were lucky to be by Gila's side for years, during the creation of her website and promoting it, until suddenly we were updated of her passing.

We in Contento Now also work to preserve: the memories of the creators, their body of work and their unique stories.

Fortunately, we accompanied many books, movies and interviewed – many of whom are presented proudly in the several exporting outputs around the world.

When will you also choose to share the "Opera chapter" of your life with us?


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