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Israel's famous actors is sent to 11 months in jail. what's the meaningful chapter in your life?

It has been announced officially, 11 months of jail time for the veteran actor, Moshe Ivgy, a tough act within the play that is Ivgy's life, alongside many actors and viewers.

In Contento Now's E-studio, We welcomed some of the country's most prolific actors and actresses, including Lifetime achievement award winner at the Israeli Oscars, Gabi Amrani, Golden Globe Nominee Oded Kotler, Veterans Shlomo Vishinsky and Sassi Keshet and plenty more. Today, we are broadcasting an interview with the queen of Israeli theater, Gila Almagor, 2004's Israel Prize winner, with the international publisher, Netanel Semrik.

"The world is a stage, and we are the actors" proclaimed William Shakespear. It would be a pleasure for us to bring your story to life, when can we expect to meet you?


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