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"Legally Blond" returns to the stage. our own "Al Woods", Pnina Rosenbloom, in contento now studios

"Legally Blond" is one of the great cult films that came out in the early 00's, that receive very polarizing reviews.

Some believe it is an empowering movie for women, an interesting script in which a student studying for her first degree in fashion overcomes the disrespect from her peers and ends up graduating from Harvard Law School. Others think it’s a shallow storyline that is actually doing the opposite of empowerment and instead solidifies female stereotypes – basing an entire murder trial on esoteric knowledge of hair design products.

The film's success however, cannot be put into doubt: grossing over 140 million dollars almost 20 years ago, was nominated for a Golden Globe (the movie itself didn’t win, but it's main actress, Reese Witherspoon, won the award for best actress for the film) – it has left a huge footprints on the film universe.

Recently, a new musical based on the movie has been showing in Israeli theaters around the country, and is a huge success.

We at Contento Now strive to empower, to push pluralist agendas forward and to help make our positive change in the person through his stories and books.

Pnina Rosenbloom is one of the Israeli women we believe is sharing our feminist values and promotes and her unique way, female empowerment – former member of the Knesset, Model, Singer, writer, and as of recently, a grandmother. We at the international publication Contento Now, welcomed Pnina Rosenbloom with open arms for an interview in our E-TV studio.

Inspired by her, we encourage you to view in yourselves what other cannot see within you. When will you choose to publish your funniest stories with us?


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