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Maccab BC is starting a long game slate. AN all-time great, Miki Berkovich, SPOKE IN OUR E-TV STUDIO

Maccabi Tel Aviv BC is starting a long game slate.

One of the team's all-time great, Miki Berkovich, Spoke with the international publisher, Netanel Semrik, in Contento Now E-tv's studios.

During the pandemic's peak, sports fans around the globe had to step back from cheering at the stadiums, and watch their favorite athletes from home.

After over 500 days without fans in the stands in Euroleague games, the yellow brigade from Tel Aviv got their home advantage back. Now, they need a huge push from their supporters, since they're playing 5 games in 12 days!

Maccabi's story is intertwined within the country's history: from the coming out party and a European trophy in 1977, to huge sensations back to back to rule the continent in 2014.

Contento Now gives it's stage to many great sportsmen in Israel's past and present: Motale Shpigler was welcomed to our studios, Adi Gordon, Former Isreali national team point guard, published his book. "To be a true king" with us, Amos Mansdorf, Israel's highest ranked tennis player ever, interviewed in our E-tv studios and many more.

Basketball in particular is a story that makes people came together, join hands and stand with the same goals: have fun, connect and be a part of the team's story.

We in Contento emphasize the values of sharing and community in our publishing endeavors – We are all a part of the process to make sure your creation is as best it can be.

Today we broadcast Miki Berkovich, Former Maccabi and Isreali national team star, that stopped by our E-tv studio and shared some interesting stories.

When will you also choose to tell us about your own "Euroleague Championship" story of your life?


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