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mr. spock is on his way to space, when are you coming along for the ride?

William Shatner, the legendary Mister Spock from the iconic television show, "Star Trek" is reportadly flying to space soon. That would make him the oldest man in recorded history to reach that feat.

Space often feels like an incomplete masterpiece. A canvas you can paint on, style, innovate and add constant new features. Of course, only if you have the guts and desire to pull it off.

Moshe Or-Tas, a dear friend that published his book, "The Challange Beyond the Horizon" with our assistant, shares a magical story about the first Israely sateilite that reached outer space.

Tell us about the time you have, personally, "reached outer space". what is greatest accomplishment? We in Contento Now can help turn you story in to a book or a movie!


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